360 Degree Feedback Surveys

You manage the whole process. Flexibility Rises. Costs fall.
360 Degree Feedback
Employee performance and productivity can be improved through the use of 360 Degree Feedback Surveys. They provide valuable information on what an employee is doing well, and where they require further development. Once you have decided to conduct 360 Degree Feedback Surveys, the next question is "How will I manage the 360 degree feedback process?". WebSurveyCreator has a complete set of tools to manage the entire lifecycle of a 360 Degree Feedback Survey

360 Degree Just Got Personal

You start by creating your survey in WSC. Advanced features for 360 Degree include the ability to have different question text depending upon whether you are reviewing yourself or someone else. If you are reviewing someone else, their name can be part of the question (eg. "Do you think Jake manages people well?"). This is automatic and will adjust dynamically for each review. Personalisation extends to choices and rows too.
Personal Settings

Respondents & Relationships

All respondents and relationships can be created individually or imported. For example, a list of respondents can be imported from an excel spreadsheet.

Alternatively individual relationships can be created quickly and simply using the Relationship Builder. All that is required is information on who each respondent reports to in the organisation structure for standard third party relationships (manager, peer and direct report) to be created.
Import Relationships from Excel
Relationships Builder

Invite Participants to come and play

WSC allows you to send invitations and reminders to all participants. Each participant receives a unique personal link that allows them to manage the entire process, but no one else's. Reminders can be sent to those people yet to complete the process.

Individual participants will see a portal dynamically tailored to show only the things they need to see. You can show customized home pages, allow respondents to self-select their reviewers, allow respondents to add new reviewers on the fly, allow managers to manage their direct reports and produce reports and allow respondents to send out email invitations and reminders.
Respondent Portal Respondent Portal

Produce fully customized reports

Once respondents have completed the process, the final task to be completed is the generation of 360 degree feedback reports. WSC has a flexible reporting engine that has been developed in consultation with our corporate and government users to ensure the provide the most flexible and detailed information possible.
360 Report Sample 1 360 Report Sample 2

New merge document process for building reports

360 Reports are now created with a great new merge system allowing for complete customisation of the document in Word. A user assisted scripting process then allows for 360 data to be presented either by chart or data value in the document.

Integration symbols are entered in the merge document like in the example below [@chart:relationships:competencies@].

360 Report Merge 1

These symbols are then defined by scripts in the templating engine.

360 Report Merge 2a

Relationships can be defined to use custom coloring, grouped and renamed.

360 Report Merge 2b

Competencies can be created to use different text to the questions in the survey, the scoring scale can be adjusted, questions can be grouped to create summary data.

360 Report Merge 2c

Great looking graphs are then created and rendered into the document.

360 Report Merge 3

Individual data values can be generated using the same scripting process to create unique and interesting visual representations of the data.

360 Report Merge 4

Create ranking tables, bar charts and spider charts

WSC 360 provides a number of ways to represent data out of the box.
360 Report Bar Chart 360 Report Spider Chart 360 Report Perception table

Customize and Manage like a Pro

Need total flexibility? Need to customize buttons and instructions and labels and reports? Need to find out who's completed and who hasnt?

With WSC and 360° you can choose the things you want your participants to see. Change captions, headings, navigations and control the automatic emails that will be sent during the process.

When you enquire on a participant you'll see their complete status. Have they completed their self-review? Have they completed their peer or manager reviews? Drill down through participants to check on related participants easily and quickly.
Enhanced Distribution Settings 360 Degree Management Statistics 360 Degree Management Statistics Respondent Enquiry Relationship Types