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Web Survey Creator is the easiest way to create any Web survey - there's no better way to get your employee survey online.

Start with one of our employee satisfaction survey templates, or create the exact content you want from scratch.

Create an Employee Opinion Survey

Get the facts on what your employees think, and how they feel - using a completely secure survey that protects their anonymity.

Take your Employee Survey Online

Still using paper because it is "easy"? No need to do that any more. Surveys created in Web Survey Creator are available from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone - offering more convenience, and a higher response rate.

The only Employee Survey Software you need

Web Survey Creator not only has the best design tools and templates for your surveys - you also have the benefit of great reporting tools. Export to Excel, print a Word report or use a Web dashboard to track what your employees think.

Free Employee Surveys

Are you a small company that wants to run employee engagement surveys? No problem - a free employee satisfaction survey is a great way to start. Just sign up for our free version to get started!

Want more than just an Employee Satisfaction Survey or an Employee Feedback Survey?

With Web Survey Creator, you can build any number of Human Resources Surveys that given you a better insight into what your employees are thinking. While most survey processes will start with an Employee Attitude Survey, you can also create:

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Retention Surveys

Employee Motivation Surveys

Employee Attitude Surveys

Employee Benefits Surveys

Employee Morale Surveys

Professional Employee and HR Survey templates

Supervisor Evaluation

Online employee surveys don't need to just be about the company. Employee opinion surveys about supervisors can be a great way to evaluate management within the company.

Exit Interview Survey

Employee satisfaction surveys are great for existing employees, but Exit Interviews can often be more revealing - why are people leaving your company? What can you do to fix it?

Employee Communication Survey

A quick checklist of common areas of concern when looking at communication within a company.
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