Best-of-breed Web based survey software

Web Survey Creator - powerful survey software from a well respected developer that has garnered positive survey software reviews for its products for over 12 years.

Welcome to the site survey software users have come to rely on for all their surveying needs.

The most feature-rich free survey software

Our free online survey software has all key features at no cost. Upgrading is an option, not a must.

Surveying software for the mobile world

Web Survey Creator is true "Internet Survey Software" - surveys are accessible from all forms of device that can connect to the internet, including smartphones and tablets. Respondents are no longer desktop-bound!

The best survey software for market research

Advanced features for survey flow, content and response quotas are perfect for market research.

Questionnaire software for professionals

Web survey creator does the simple things expected of web survey software well, and builds on this with class-leading features like multi-lingual, collaboration tools and professional templates & themes.

Customer survey software for businesses

We have over 20 professional templates specifically for customer satisfaction surveys.

Web survey software without Web limitations

Web Survey Creator is a survey app that does not suffer from restricted functionality because it is on the Web (for example, we have desktop-quality reports for Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
"My experience with your staff, product and company has been excellent... your commitment and service provide confidence to the end-user."
Rose Garretson
Director of Solutions
Reality Based Marketing