Get online Web survey software written and supported in Australia

Dipolar is a proudly Australian company that has been providing Web Survey Software for over 13 years. We own the company, and we support our product ourselves. We don't outsource our responsibility to our users.

Local Ownership, Development & Support

When you think of survey companies Australia may not be the first country you think of, but it should be! We're world-class, and proud of it.

Free Online Surveys Australia!

If you have a quick little survey you want to run for free, you no longer need to use an overseas supplier! Check out our free templates to get you started.

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Free Paid Surveys Australia!

If you're an Australian resident, why not make some money completing other people's surveys & vox pop tasks? SayWhatNow provides a wide range of incentives for people wishing to complete surveys for money.

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Survey Software Australia trusts

We provide world-class Australian Survey Software hosted in Australia. Our survey tools are trusted by some of Australia's biggest corporations and government departments.
Roads & Maritime Services NSW Commonweatlth Bank Australia Post CSIRO Westpac
"We've run surveys online Australia wide for over 7 years using Dipolar's products, and nothing beats them in terms of functionality and support. We'd never risk running a product that has a support department in another timezone when Australia has such an amazing, locally supported product."
Chris Mawn
Co-Founder & Director