Upload Completed Reports to an AWS S3 Bucket

Upload WSC reports directly to your Amazon S3 bucket.
Reference Guide
Some clients are utilizing third party file storage platforms to upload reports generated from WSC. We have had a number of options in the past such as FTP and HTTP for sending of completed reports to third party platforms.

We now allow reports to be uploaded to an Amazon S3 Bucket when reports are generated - Amazon S3 requires the following parameters for the upload:
  • Region Name
  • Bucket Name
  • Api Key
  • Api Secret
  • Key Name
The File will be placed at the Key Name location. Appropriate permissions must be set to allow upload and desired access.

Report upload settings can be configured when creating or editing:
  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Analysis --> Reports & Exports and Click on the Create Report Icon , or click on an existing report title to edit it.
  • 2. Locate the Upload Settings section at the bottom of the browse, select Amazon S3 in the Type dropdown box. Ensure that all required fields are filled with valid credentials.
    Amazon S3 Report Upload
  • 3. After the report has finished generating it will be automatically uploaded to your chosen Amazon S3 Bucket.
    Uploaded Report to S3 Bucket
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