How do I Change the Survey Banner Title and Logo?

Update your banner title and logo or choose to remove them from your survey.
How to change the Banner Image Title for your survey:
  1. In your survey, navigate to Design --> Content and click on the Header, Footer & Navigation Settings icon.
  2. While in the Header, Footer & Navigation Settings browse, scroll down until you reach the Banner Image Text heading.
    Banner Image Text
  3. By default, the banner image text displays the title of the survey by using the {SurveyTitle} merge symbol.
  4. You can simply edit the Banner Text and the Mobile Banner Text fields to input your desired survey banner text title.
  5. If you have a need to display different text only for mobile users, enter a different title into the Mobile Banner text field. This title will only be seen by users on mobile devices.
  6. The {SurveyTitle} merge symbol will use the current existing title of the survey, in the survey designer navigate to Design --> Settings and edit the Survey Title to change the current name of the survey project.
How to change the Logo for your survey:
  1. In your survey, navigate to Design --> Content and click on the Survey Logo icon. Survey Logo
  2. While in the Survey Logo browse, you have the option to Choose a Survey Logo, Upload a new image and set Logo Alignment.
  3. You can select a Logo to appear on the top of your Survey. Logo placement is dependant on the Theme that you have selected. Logo images will be automatically scaled to fit the area of the Theme. You can upload a new logo by clicking "Upload a new image".
  4. If you would like to remove a survey logo and don't want it to display in your survey, click on the Choose a Survey Logo dropdown and select the No Logo option.
  5. Your logo can be aligned to the top right of the banner, the top left or align the logo as per the selected theme of the survey.