CATI Module

By adding the CATI module to Web Survey Creator you can perform complete "mixed-mode" interviewing from one fully integrated system.
Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) existed long before the rise of Web-based surveys (CAWI). Even as the use of Web surveys has risen rapidly, it has become clear that the future of interviewing would be a mix of CATI and CAWI - often referred to as "mixed mode".
"Web Survey Creator with CATI is a modern, fully integrated mixed-mode
interviewing solution offered at a disruptive price"
- James Beauchamp, CEO Dipolar Pty Limited
Web Survey Creator with CATI has been developed to directly target what we perceive to be the key challenges facing companies engaged in CATI:

Continued use of aging technology to perform CATI

Paying expensive software licensing & maintaining expensive infrastructure

Lack of flexibility - software is tied to the desktop in the office linked to an internal server

Each of these challenges ultimately affects how much it costs for you to run a CATI business. So, the question is how are we different?

We start with the latest technologies...

Gone are the days when a CATI business could be run efficiently with office-bound computers running desktop software. Web Survey Creator supports modern Web standards, and can be used from any modern Web browser - either in your office, or from a remote location. You can expand or contract your team at a moment's notice.

You get to enjoy the benefits of a "cloud-based" application - no installation, no server hardware and no software management (we'll worry about the backups and software updates!)

... and make them work for your Business

Our hosted version of Web Survey Creator takes care of everything for you - Managers, Team Leaders and Interviewers can simply log in from any Web browser. This is great for small to medium firms who want to be freed from the management of their CATI system.

Larger organisations who are used to having more control over their infrastructure, and would like to self-host Web Survey Creator, can do so using our On-Premise version. Features of this version include:

Unlimited CATI Interviewers, Team Leaders & Managers

Unlimited Interviews & Web Surveys

Custom Domain

Dedicated Server & Database

We use a disruptive pricing model, whatever your size...

Our CATI module is simply a fixed-price "add-on" to our Market Research versions of Web Survey Creator. Once you have the CATI module, additional users don't cost any more than Web-Survey only users. In fact, Interviewers are considered to be as little as 0.2 of a user (pay for 1 additional user license and set up 5 interviewers).

... and provide a flexible solution that saves you money

Web Survey Creator gives you options that are simply not possible with archaic CATI solutions. Administrators, Editors, Team Leaders and Interviewers can all access the system through any modern Web browser. There's nothing to install, so no one is tied to a particular machine of a particular location.

How you run your CATI operation is up to you:

Run everything in your office in a traditional CATI call centre

Run a mixture of office and off-site interviewers

Completely decentralize - our CATI management tools ensure you still have your "finger on the pulse" of your business without the office overheads

Key features of WSC with CATI

Below is a list of the key features of Web Survey Creator with the CATI module. If you want to have a discussion about the full feature list please contact us - we'd love to provide you with further information.
Job Management
"Mixed-mode" Jobs Jobs can be set up in Web Survey Creator as Web Survey Jobs, CATI Jobs, or a mixture of both. The interviewing style for a job can be changed at any time.
Respondent Import Import respondent details as required, including unlimited custom data fields (respondent tags) and timezone information.
Respondent Pre-Quota Quota rules can be applied to respondents to assist our Scheduler service to efficiently serve up the most appropriate respondents to interview based upon current quota completion levels.
Customizable Call Outcome Codes Call outcome codes can be customized on a job by job basis. Each code can be set up to be "context aware" so only the appropriate outcome codes are presented for each stage of the interview process.
Scriptable Call Management Rather than being limited to a couple of call settings, all aspects of call management (e.g. time between calling a number again) are handled through standard scripts that can be modified to precise requirements.
Timezone Management Timezones are attached to respondents, and calling rules can be set on a timezone-by-timezone basis as needed. Blocked days (such as public holidays) can also be configured by timezone.
CATI Interviewers
Browser-based Interviewer Application Interviewers use our specialized CATI Interviewer app (eg. through a Web browser from any computer with a modern browser, and from any location.
Interview Scheduler Service The interview scheduler service serves up the most appropriate respondents to interviewers based upon a number of factors including quotas, timezones and individual call histories for respondents.
Appointment Manager Both "firm" and "loose" appointments can be set up by interviewers. The scheduler service will pick up appointments at the appropriate time and ensure the right person is notified to make the call.
CATI Team Leaders
CATI Teams Set up a hierarchy of interviewers and team leaders to allow the appropriate people within your organisation to manage a sub-set of your CATI staff.
Team-based Reporting Team leaders can see the same reports as CATI administrators - however they are restricted to just seeing reports for the people they manage.
Appointment Manager Both "firm" and "loose" appointments can be set up by interviewers. The scheduler service will pick up appointments at the appropriate time and ensure the right person is notified to make the call.
CATI Administrators
User Management Manage who can access the system, and what level of access they have - interview, team-leader, administrator. Set up teams for team leaders.
Online Interviewers Easily access details of the interviewers currently online, and all statistics for their current interviewing session including the number of calls made and interviews completed successfully.
Interviewer Statistics All aspects of the interviewing process is tracked, making it possible to get detailed statistics about interviewers overall, for a time period, and by job.