Choice Linking Numeric Grid Rows

Numeric Grid rows can be hidden or shown through a combination of choice linking and scripting.
Numeric Grid Choice Link Animated
Numeric Grid rows in WSC require respondents to input some data into a field, meaning a choice link cannot be connected as no choice is "selected" by the respondent. However, Numeric Grid rows can still be choice linked through the use of scripting and hidden choice questions.

This guide will demonstrate how to setup hidden choice questions and scripting to choice link between two Numeric Grids on seperate pages:
  • 1. Create two Numeric Grid questions on two different pages. Ensure that both Numeric Grids have a Question Access Code.
    Numeric Grid Choice Link Questions
  • 2. Now add some hidden choice questions to the same page as the first Numeric Grid question. These choice questions will be used to choice link rows in the second Numeric Grid question. In this example we have added choice questions for the last 3 rows in the first Numeric Grid, ensure that all the choice questions have an Question Access Code.
    Numeric Grid Choice Link Hidden Questions
  • 3. For choice linking to work, we will need to automatically select the hidden choice questions on the page. This will be done by adding a script to the "Execute Javascript when Next or Submit BUttons are Pressed" scripting event. A specific choice will be selected if the numeric value entered into a row is greater than 0, these choices will be selected when the Next button is clicked by the respondent. This script will get the values entered into the last three numeric rows, test the value and select the appropriate choice in a hidden question:
    Numeric Grid Choice Link Script
  • 4. Now that our questions and scripts have been setup - we can start configuring choice links. In the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Choice Linking. Select the page of your second Numeric Grid, the question row you want to link, the hidden choice question on the page of the first Numeric Grid and the Yes choice. For this tutorial the rows Beta, Charlie and Delta will be hidden or shown in the second Numeric Grid if a numeric value > 0 is input into the rows.
    Numeric Grid Choice Link Rows