Choice Linking between Web Survey Questions

Market Research Surveys often involve questions that relate to each other. Web Survey Creator features "choice linking" which allows the possible answers to one question to be affected by the answers selected in a previous question.

Avoid invalid responses to your Surveys

If someone has never heard of a particular bank, how could they possibly rate what they thought of their service? These are the sorts of situations choice linking avoids.

Choice linking ensures that matrix and choice questions within your survey only show options that make sense - for example, a respondent would only be asked to rate banks they have previously indicated they have heard of.

Improve response rate, and response quality

No one likes being asked for information again and again that they have no ability to answer. Imagine having to go through a full customer satisfaction survey on banks and having to answer questions on 20 banks - 10 of which you have indicated you have never heard of!

Choice linking keeps the survey short and relevant. It can also support clever content - for example, only ask further questions based on banks you knew, but didn't use.