Using Choice Questions in Web Surveys

Choice questions are great for getting concise answers quickly in your Web Surveys.

Single-selection, multi-selection and dropdown

Use the right type of choice question in each situation - Web Survey Creator supports single-selection and multi-selection choice lists. You can also choose to show the choices in a drop-down, rather than as a radio-button or check-box list..

Choice images, randomization and more

A "choice" is much more than a bit of text on the screen. You can use an image instead, randomize the position, create an "other" choice with a text field, and even attach "metadata" for use elsewhere in the survey.

Image-based Choices
Web Survey Creator understands the importance of choice questions, and therefore provides every option you could possibly want when it comes to setting up your choices. These options ensure that your questions are well laid out, easy to read and quick to complete.
Choices that are quick to set up, and easy to "tweak"
Choices can be simply pasted into a choice question - one choice per line. For many questions, that's all you need to do. If, however, you have more specific requirements, you can "tweak" the choices in numerous ways - randomize them, add images, make a particular choice the default, hide a choice that is no longer required (but you want to keep historical data) and attach extra information about the choice in custom-named tags. It couldn't be easier, or more flexible.