How do I Convert Draft Responses to Completed Responses?

Sometimes you may collect responses from respondents but they have not complete the entire survey.
Reference Guide
Draft (Partially Completed) Responses can be converted into Completed Responses so that the data that has already been entered into the response can still be used.

You can use the following steps to get started:
  1. From the survey designer, navigate to Analysis --> Responses
  2. Click on the Show Draft (Uncompleted) Responses icon on the toolbarShow Draft (Uncompleted) Responses
  3. You can now choose to view Draft or Unstarted responses by clicking the Response Status icon on the toolbar Response Status
  4. Draft responses can have a large variety of survey completion. You may only want to only convert draft responses that have reached a particular completion percentage. Draft responses can be sorted in the browse by completion by clicking on the Percentage Complete icon Percentage Complete
  5. When you are ready to convert your chosen draft responses to completed responses, click on the Convert Draft Responses to Completed Responses dropdown icon Convert Draft Responses to Completed Responses
  6. You will be given multiple options for converting your draft responses: Convert Draft Survey Responses
  7. If needed, you can also set the Response Status to Unstarted, allowing you to also convert unstarted responses to completed: Convert Unstarted Survey Responses
When converting draft responses to completed, be careful as it cannot be undone!