How do I Create a Copy of an Existing Survey?

Surveys can become large very quickly, for convenince you may want to create a copy of an existing survey and redesign it.
Reference Guide
It is possible to create a copy of an existing survey design and any distributions, filters, portals, report settings and any event API's (excludes Survey to Survey) attached to that survey.

The process is quick and easy to do using the following steps:
Copy a Survey
  • 1. From the My Surveys browse, click on the Create New Survey icon Create New Survey
  • 2. Under the Choose a Method to Create Survey heading, select the "Create a new Survey by copying an existing Survey" option.
  • 3. Under the Choose an Existing Survey heading, click on the first dropdown option to select a survey category, then use the second dropdown option to select the title of the survey you want to copy.
  • 4. You can choose to copy distribution settings/parameters, or simply create a new distribution - by selecting the "Don't copy - just create new distributions" option.
For those on our MR Ultimate plan, we also off the ability to Export/Import survey design files into other user accounts.