How do I Upload a Custom Survey Banner and/or Percentage Bar Image?

It is often a requirement of survey design to create a custom theme to match the exact styles of your client's branding
Reference Guide
On our Enterprise Version and above you can copy and then edit our base survey themes. By default, themes will use a Standard Theme Image for the survey banner. There is however the ability to upload your own custom banner image to the platform which can be applied to your custom survey theme.

Use the following steps to upload and apply your own custom banner image:
  • 1. From the My Surveys browse, navigate to Images in the navigation bar.
  • 2. Click on the Multiple File Upload icon Multiple File Upload. Click on the dropdown and select the "Upload File as a Banner Image" option, then choose the banner image(s) you want to upload.
    Custom Survey Banner Upload
  • 3. After uploading your images, click on the Select & Edit Themes icon in the survey designer Select & Edit Themes.... Make a copy of a base theme to edit, or edit an existing custom theme.
    Custom Survey Banner Theme
  • 4. While editing a theme, scroll down to the Theme Extended Properties section. Click on the "Banner Image (standard,tabled):" dropdown, from here you can select any custom banner images that have been uploaded to the platform.
    Custom Survey Banner Extended Properties
    It is important to note that multiple banner images may need to be created to correctly fit the dimensions of mobile device screens. The "Banner Image (mobile):" option as seen in the previous image can be used for this purpose.

    Here is an example of a custom banner image on a desktop device:
    Custom Survey Banner Example