Creating Custom Response Summary Report Templates

Learn how to use a template to enhance the look and feel of your Response Summary reports.
Reference Guide
Response Summary and Summary Content reports can use a Microsoft Word document as the base document that defines title pages, headers, footers, styles and where the content will be placed using "merge symbols".

The content of the merge symbols will be built internally by the WSC application and the then injected into the template at the point where the merge symbols appear.

Styles for fonts and colours can be adjusted for an array of reporting elements such as Question Text and Answer Text.

Elements such as text or images can also be included in the template.

System base templates are available for download to make changes to and then upload back into the platform. If further changes to the template are needed the process can be repeated.

Creating a Custom Response Summary Report Template

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Analysis --> Reports & Exports. Use the Create Report icon to create a new survey report.
    Custom Summary Template Create Report
  • 2. Select the Response Summary in the Report Type section.
    Custom Summary Template Report Type
  • 3. In the Summary Response Details section, click on the Summary Template dropdown box. Select the Standard Report Summary Template and then click the Download Template button.
    Custom Summary Template Download
  • 4. The system summary template will be downloaded as a Microsoft Word docx file.
    Custom Summary Template Document
    Custom Summary Template
  • 5. Make any desired changes to the template and save the document. The template document can then be uploaded back into the platform by using the Upload Template button. Submit the report to save your changes. The report with the applied template can then be downloaded from the Reports & Exports browse when it has finished generating.
    Custom Summary Template Upload

Creating a Custom Template for the Summary Content Question type

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Content. Add a Summary Content question to the survey.
    Custom Summary Template Summary Content Question
  • 2. Click and enable the checkbox labelled "Allow Respondent to Print Summary Page".
    Custom Summary Template Summary Content Download
  • 3. Using templates with the Summary Content question type follows the same process as the Response Summary report. You can use a previously uploaded custom template or download and edit and upload the system template as needed. Use the Save Content button to save your changes.
  • 4. Respondents will be able to download the Summary Content report by clicking on the Print Summary icon during the survey response process.
    Custom Summary Template Summary Content Print