De-identifying Response and Respondent Data

Learn how to de-identify private respondent and response information in your survey.
Reference Guide
Responses and Respondents can contain private information. It might be appropriate or required to de-identify the information you have collected at the close of the survey process. This might be required where the data needs to be maintained for aggregate reporting or other purposes.

This process allows you to select the data that should be de-identified and have that data de-identified. No data that is de-identified can be reversed once de-identified. Data will be replaced with non-identifiable facsimiles of the existing data.

For example, phone numbers will be replaced with (999) 9999-9999, Text Input data will be replaced with [Deidentified Text] , Respondent Data will be replaced with [FirstName], [LastName], [City], [State], [PostalCode].

Email Addresses will be replaced with deidentified@deidentified.address.

How do I De-Identify the Data?

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Analysis --> Responses.
  • 2. While in the Responses browse, click on the De-Identify Responses Icon De-Identify Responses.
  • 3. Choose the data to be de-identified. Respondent Data, Demographic Data and questions with identifiable formats will be automatically selected.
    De-identifying Response and Respondent Data