Using Demographic Questions in Surveys

Many Web Survey tools treat demographics as simple text. We don't. We collect the right data, in the right format.

Demographics that look good, and work well

If you want consistent name, address, email and phone number data, our demographic fields are the only way to go. They guide your respondents to enter the right data in the right format.

Fill an Address Book with one click

Check a box on your survey to tell it to start collecting the demographics entered as contacts in an address book.
Image-based Choices
If you need to collect name, address and other demographic information, it is important to collect details that are consistent. Web survey creator provides specific question types to improve this consistency over traditional "one-size-fits-all" text questions.
Beyond just surveys - Registration Forms and more...
If you need to collect registration details for a conference, or a list of attendees at a training course, a Web Survey Creator survey with demographic questions is the perfect solution. The details can be stored in an Address Book automatically. As with all surveys created in the system, these registration forms would be just as easy to complete on a desktop computer or a mobile device like a phone or a tablet.