Distribution of Anonymous Web Surveys

Web Survey Creator provides multiple distribution methods for your Web Surveys - including a simple survey link, Facebook or twitter distribution, and embedding of the survey in your Web site.

So easy, there's nothing to do

Whenever you set up a new survey in Web Survey Creator, a fully functional anonymous distribution for your survey is created so that you are ready to go with no additional effort.

The most common settings are used for this distribution, but you can edit it to suit your needs - changing things such as what a respondent will see at the conclusion of the survey.

Anonymous Surveys, not uncontrolled surveys

While most surveys created in Web Survey Creator are anonymous - a respondent simply clicks on the link provided - you can still provide powerful features to these people, including the ability to come back and complete the survey at a later date.

Other features include the ability to limit responses to one per computer, making it difficult for someone to enter multiple responses for the same survey.