Distribution of Web Surveys to Respondents

Web Survey Creator provides all the tools you need to manage Web Surveys for known respondents - including address books, person import capabilities and emailing of survey invitations.

Requires Enterprise Edition or Above.

Respondents that are more than just a name

While sometimes you might just need an Email Address and perhaps a Name, there are times when having more information on your respondents is useful. For example, if you are sending out a survey to your corporate customers, it would be nice to have the name of the company, and the position of the respondent within the company.

Our "respondent tag" system allows you to attach any number of named pieces of data to each respondent you import.

** Respondent tags are only available in paid versions.

Manage the whole process efficiently

Sending out Email invitations is just the beginning. You need to be able to track who opens the invitation and which Emails bounce. You also need to be able to send reminders to people who haven't started their response (or maybe just to people who started, but haven't completed?).

Web Survey Creator helps you perform these tasks with ease. You can even schedule when Emails are sent - send them out at 9am tomorrow morning automatically, even if you won't be in the office at that time.
Not all editions are able to send email directly from Web Survey Creator. Some editions may require usage of an external email tool. For more details on those editions that are capable of email delivery and setup processes, see Survey Email Requirements