How do I View Email Delivery Statistics?

You can view the Email Delivery Statistics for specific distributions and email events in your survey
Email Delivery Statistics
To view your Email Delivery Statistics, navigate to Distribution --> Sent Emails and click the Email Delivery Statistics icon Email Delivery Statistics

From this browse you can:
  1. Filter chart email statistics by clicking the Email Status flag icon.Email Status
  2. View email statistics for specific survey distributions. You can choose a distribution by clicking on the Select Distribution icon. Select Distribution...
  3. Export the records displayed in the browse by clicking the Export Email Analysis Browse Records icon. Export Email Analysis Browse Records
    An Email Statistics Export xls will be generated and can be downloaded from the Reports & Exports browse.
  4. The Email Delivery Statistics chart can also be exported in various formats by selecting the hamburger icon in the top right hand corner of the chart.
  5. You can also narrow down to specific emails by searching for a distribution name, email address, subject or event type in the search bar.
The following types of email status can be displayed in the Event Type column when viewing your records:
  • Unknown - The event was not available
  • Processed - The email server is readying the email for sending to the recipient
  • Dropped - The recipients email address was previously marked as spam or was bounced due to an invalid email address
  • Delivered - The email was delivered to the recipient’s email server
  • Deferred - The email could not be immediately delivered. This could be because the recipients email server was busy or perhaps the recipients email account was full or another reason where the attempted delivery was stopped but is not yet fatal
  • Bounced - The email server for the domain noted that the email address was not valid
  • Opened - The recipient opened the email
  • Clicked - The recipient clicks any of the links within the email message
  • Spam Report - The email was marked as spam by an email server in the chain. The email may have been delivered and then subsequently marked as spam