Creating Exclusive and Other (Specify) Question Choices

Learn how to create an "other" choice with a text field or make a choice an exlcusive option.
Reference Guide

Converting Existing Choices to Exclusive and Other(Specify)

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Content. Click on the Edit button to edit your choice question.
  • Exclusive and Other Specify Edit Question
  • 2. Scroll down to the Selection Choices section. Click on a choice to select it, then use the Edit Choice button to configure the choice settings.
  • Exclsuive and Other Specify Edit Choice
  • 3. To set the choice as an Other(Specify) or Exlcusive option, click on the associated checkbox and save the choice.
  • Exclusive and Other Specify Enabled

Manually Creating Exclusive and Other(Specify) Choices

Choice types can also be manually changed by adding a pipe symbol "|" followed by the text "exclusive" or "specify" text.

For example:
  • Exclusive and Other Specify Manual Edit