Export Anonymous Responses To Import Into Another Anonymous Survey

You may have an anonymous survey already containing existing responses that you would like to export to another survey.
Reference Guide
Moving responses from one anonymous survey to another requires that some specific steps are taken to ensure the process works correctly. Before you move your responses to a different survey, you must ensure that both the new and old survey have the same questions.
  • 1. Ensure that all survey questions have access codes.
    Question Access Code
  • 2. If you have Matrix style questions - you will need to edit the rows and ensure that all the rows have a TAG to help you identify data The name of the tag must be CODE.
    Row Tags
  • 3. If you have Multiple Choice style questions add TAGS to choices to help identify data.
  • 4. You will now need to generate a Response Export for your anonymous survey responses. To do this, navigate to Analysis --> Reports & Exports and click the Icon
  • 5. Choose the report type "Response Export", then choose the Heading Format: "Response Import Format"
    Response Import Heading Format
  • 6. In the response export settings, ensure that you are exporting response values instead of text.
    Import Anonymous Responses Matrix Values
  • 7. After generating and downloading the responses export, remove extra invalid columns such as: email, title, firstname, lastname. It is good practice to have the first import column set as the recall code. If required, a language column can also be used during the import process, simply add the language code in this column.
  • 8. If you need to keep the submission date of the survey, add a hidden date question to the survey that you're importing responses into, give it an access code - eg : SUBMIT, and set your desired date format. Submitted Date can be included as a standard report column when generating the report.
    Import Anonoymous Responses Submit
    Import Anonymous Responses Submit Date
Once you have your responses sheet correctly formatted, you can import them to your desired anonymous survey by navigating to Distribution --> Methods. Click on the Import/Generate Responses dropdown icon and select "Import Responses" to begin the import process.
Import Anonymous Responses Completes