Face2Face Touch: Take your WSC surveys Offline

Face2Face Touch is an iPad app that gives you all the power of WSC in your hand.
Web Survey Creator is very powerful and creates surveys that will work on mobile devices. It does require an internet connection on the device, of course. So what if you need to collect responses but you do not have access to a reliable Internet connection?
Face2Face Touch is an iPad app that allows you to conduct surveys completely offline. It integrates with WSC and can run compatible WSC surveys simply by downloading them to the iPad.

Designed for Market Researchers

This is an app designed from the ground up for Market Researchers. Not just another over-simplified, half-implemented personal survey tool. As an example, the app understands the difference between screen-outs, quota-outs, drafts, test responses and completes.

Includes Every WSC Question Type

The power of this software is well demonstrated by the fact that it supports every major WSC question type*. No need to think "gee I hope this works on the iPad..." It all does..

Flow Control, Data Piping, and more

Just build the functionality you normally would into your WSC survey, and the iPad app will use it**. Features like flow control and data piping are supported, for example.

Pricing and Features to match your needs

Run the app for "ad hoc" surveys, and use it for free. Run it as a "managed iPad" and get the most advanced features - including remote iPad setup and management through WSC.

What makes Face2Face different?

Face2Face is one of a number of iPad apps that claim to be a great way to collect responses offline. So why would you pick Face2Face over any of the others?

Modern, efficient interface

We use a modern, clean interface that gets out of the way of you doing your job. Forget denim, stitching or any other theme - this is a clean iOS7 application built for speed.

Built for the iPad

This is not a "hacked" Web survey clone. The interface is designed to optimise the iPad experience. No small, hard-to-press, non-standard radio buttons here!

Does it better than the Web

We go beyond what is possible in a Web app to make the data entry experience a joy. We take advantage of the complete control we have over the screen and the interface, and use the benefits of touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account in Web Survey Creator to be able to use Face2Face Touch?
Yes you do need an account with Web Survey Creator. You can register with Web Survey Creator here first, and when asked to connect to WSC in the app, you simply enter your WSC login and password.

How much does Face2Face Touch cost?
There are two ways to use the app - for "Ad hoc" surveys, or as an interviewer application for Market Research. As an Ad hoc survey tool, the software can be used completely free for up to 5 responses a day. If you want to use the iPad for Interviewers, you need to use the "Managed iPad" capabilities within WSC. iPads and Interviewers will be set up, and the iPad will be set up with a QRCode provided by WSC. At the end of each month, WSC will bill you for however many managed iPads you have used during the month.

What version of WSC is needed to use "Managed" iPads?
"Managed" iPads can be set up and used for Enterprise Solo accounts and above. Lower versions can still use "adhoc" iPads, but are subject to the 5 response a day limit of that version.
* Almost all WSC question types are supported. Some of the more advanced types - such as card sorts - are shown as simple grids, but still provide the same data collection capabilities as the card sort. Other rarely used question types (such as Terms & Conditions, and choice modelling) are not currently provided on the iPad.
** The iPad supports advanced capabilities such as flow control, data piping and choice linking. Other Web capabilities, such as scripting, that work substantially differently in a browser either are not included on the iPad, or are included in an alternative form. The sheer depth of functionality provided by WSC means that we are constantly adding additional functionality to the iPad, however some lesser used functionality may not be currently available.