Using Image Maps in Web Surveys

An Image Map is a way to allow an Image to be shown in place of choice selection controls.
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How do I use the Image Map Feature?

For users on MR versions and above, an Image Map can be added to Single and Multiple Selection Choice questions.

An Image Map is a way to allow an Image to be shown in place of choice selection controls. Participants will click on areas of the image and those will select choices based on their selection. You will need to choose an image to be shown in place of all the choice selection controls.

Use the following steps to get started:
  • 1. Add Single or Multiple Selection Choice question to your survey page and add some selection choices. Click on the Edit Image Map button.
    Image Map Choice Question
  • 2. Upload an image or select an existing image to be mapped.
    Image Map Choose Image
  • 3. After a valid image has been selected, mappings can be assigned to connect a choice by simply clicking on the image to place connecting markers.
    Image Map Connect Markers
  • 4. Multiple regions can be mapped to a single choice by clicking on the Add New Area button. Additional areas for a single choice will be plotted in a different colour.
    Image Map Add New Area

Why am I getting an Invalid Points Error?

It is important to note that when plotting points on the image, a choice must have at least 3 connecting points, for example, a triangle shape.

If there is only 1 or 2 points plotted for a choice, an error message will prevent you from saving the image map.

Choices will need to be reviewed carefully to ensure enough points for choices are correctly plotted.

Any choices that are using additional map areas MUST have points plotted, additional areas without points plotted will also produce an invalid points error.