Managing Contacts and Address Books for Web Surveys

Web Survey Creator has a full contact management system to store and manage respondents to your Surveys.

Address Books can be used to categorize these contacts.

Store complete data for contacts

While sometimes you might just need an Email Address and perhaps a Name, there are times when having more information on your respondents is useful. For example, if you are sending out a survey to your corporate customers, it would be nice to have the name of the company, and the position of the respondent within the company.

Our "respondent tag" system allows you to attach any number of named pieces of data to each respondent you import.

** Respondent tags are only availabe in paid versions

Group similar Contacts using Address Books

Over time, you may end up storing a lot of contacts in Web Survey Creator. Our Address Book system makes it easy to group similar contacts. Whenever a contact is imported or added, they are always placed in an Address book.

When it comes to using contacts in a particular survey as respondents, you have the choice of loading them from an Address Book, importing them or loading them from another survey.