Using Images in Web Surveys

Images can add impact to your Web Surveys, and make them easier to understand.

Web Survey Creator makes it easy to put images wherever you need to with minimum effort.

More than just logos!

Showing a logo on a survey can be very important, and of course Web Survey Creator makes it easy to add a logo to your survey banner. That's just the beginning though.

Introductions and help text can include images, making your survey more attractive. Question choices can be images too - for example, rather than selecting from a list of product names, respondents can click on an image of the products themselves.

Add survey images once, use multiple times

Your images are stored centrally for all surveys, and can be easily accessed and updated through the "Images" browse.

Build up a group of standard images you like to use - for introductions, thank you pages, and common question types - and you can simply select them from your existing library of images, rather than constantly uploading them. Found a better image? No problem - update the image in one place, and see the results in all surveys.