Using Matrix Questions in Web Surveys

Matrix questions are perfect for collecting a large amount of data through a concise interface. A matrix is a series of choice questions that all have the same choices, shown in a grid-like layout.

The right matrix for the right occasion...

A simple matrix would be a single selection matrix as shown here. But there are also multi-selection matrix questions, and even dual-range matrix questions.

Powerful content and formatting options

Comments can be added for each row in the matrix, and can even be hidden unless a certain answer is entered. Formatting extends to how column headings are shown, and even whether rows and columns should be "flipped".

Image-based Choices
Web Survey Creator includes matrix questions that are stylish and easy to complete. You simply need to choose which of the styles is right for you. The layout and data entry logic is handled for you.
Don't forget mobile devices like Smart Phones and Tablets! We certainly didn't...
If you haven't read already, our surveys work great on mobile devices! So how do you fit a matrix question on a Mobile Phone? Badly - so we don't. Matrix questions are one example of how we deal with mobile devices correctly for surveys. You create a matrix question, and Web Survey Creator will simply pull it apart into individual choice questions when displaying it on a phone, with no input from you at all. It's that easy.