Multi-Language Surveys in WSC

Integrated translation tools make it easy to manage a single survey with multiple languages.
Reference Guide
Additional languages are available for designing multi-lingual surveys. Once a new language has been selected for your survey, the language will be available for translation.

The language will also be immediately available for selection by respondents as their survey language if the survey has been distributed, is open and the language is enabled.

Vertical Text Methods affect those questions where text may be displayed vertically.

How do I add a new Survey Language?

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Languages.
  • 2. Click on the Add Survey Language icon.
    Multi-Language Survey Add Language
  • 3. Use the Select a new Language dropdown to add a new survey language then save the language.
    Multi-Language Survey Choose Language

Translating Individual Questions

  • 1. After adding a new language, choose a question that has not yet been fully translated.
    Multi-Language Survey Choose Question
  • 2. Translate the question text and other components using the "Translate to" button.
    Multi-Language Survey Translate Question

Translating in Bulk using a Survey Translation Spreadsheet

  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Languages. Use the checkbox to select a language for bulk translation and click on the Export Survey Translation Spreadsheet button.
    Multi-Language Survey Translation Spreadsheet
  • 2. Navigate to Analysis --> Reports & Exports to download the Translation Spreadsheet.
    Multi-Language Survey Download Spreadsheet
  • 3. Translation text changes can be made to the TRANSLATIONTEXT spreadsheet column.
    Multi-Language Survey Edit Spreadsheet
  • 4. Navigate to Design --> Languages and use the Upload Edited Survey Translation Spreadsheet button to upload your edited spreadsheet.
    Multi-Language Survey Upload Spreadsheet
  • 5. Your survey language will be translated based off the edited Translation Spreadsheet.
    Multi-Language Survey Completed Translations