Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a calculation that can be used to ascertain how loyal your customers are to your business. If you have a Multiple Choice, Single Selection question you can now choose to display overview statistics as a Net Promoter Score including an NPS score and either a Donut Chart or Time Series of the NPS.

To show Net Promoter Score statistics Multiple Choice, Single Selection questions should be established as either an 11 Point Scale with values 0 through 10 or a 10 Point Scale with values 1 through 10.
Net Promoter Score
You can also choose a more streamlined look. Respondents can simply click a choice rather than presenting them with a standard radio-button choice. Mobile and Cellular device display can now optionally be a single bar rather than the automatically formatted options for choice questions
We've also added directive text display options allowing customized text to appear below the selection panel.
Net Promoter Score Simple Panel
Once created you can choose the show statistics as "Net Promoter Score" rather than normal statistics.
Net Promoter Score
Choice Lists are available on creating a question to allow you to quickly pick your 11 or 10 point scale
Net Promoter Score Choice Lists
There is also a section on anonymous distributions that allow you to take a template for use in external email systems.
This will allow you to place a NPS template on your invitations embedding a quick-click NPS bar directly into your email messages.
Respondents will be able to press their selection and be taken directly into the survey to answer any other questions and submit their response.
Perfect for those automatic emails you'd like to send when your customers make a purchase and you're looking for immediate feedback.
Net Promoter Score Email Template
Your overview charts will then be shown as either a Donut snapshot of your Net Promoter Score or as a Time-Series of your Net Promoter Score over a period, that is configurable.

The question score can be included in headings by using the {nps} merge symbol when editing overview charts. Overview charts can be edited by navigating to Analysis --> Overview and selecting the Edit Details button under the chart.
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score