Using Number & Date Questions in Surveys

The formatting, style and validation issues raised by numeric and date questions can all be handled well in Web Survey Creator.

Dates for all occasions...

Format your dates however you need them. Short dates, long dates and dates with times are all supported. You can even add a pop-up calendar.

Numeric Questions with sex appeal

Sure - adding a simple number to your survey is easy. However there are other options too - show a star rating, rather than asking for a number between 1 and 5, or use a slider to select a number within a certain range.

Image-based Choices
All dates are the same right? Not really. There are short dates, long dates, and dates with times. Sometimes a calendar can be handy, while other times all we are after is a year so typing the date in is better.
Try a slider instead of a simple numeric question...
Our numeric slider is a great way to collect numeric information - it even works perfectly on mobile devices! You can set the range to choose from, together with other settings like the tick marks. You can even collect 2 values - great for getting "between" values such as "What price range would you be willing to buy a new car for?".