Numeric Range validations based on Data Piping

There are times when a number validation may need to be based on a previous numeric input from a respondent.
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Researchers often need to limit a numeric value based on the answer to a previous question.

For example, I might ask for a respondent to enter a maximum number of items in a question:
Numeric Validations
Then on a subequent page, ask them for a value where the result cannot exceed the previously asked maximum value.

I can now use data piping for the range values to limit my answers:
Numeric Validations
Just use the Data Piping Code of the source question in the range field when editing your question, as shown here:
Numeric Validations
Now, when you enter a value that exceeds the piped value:
Numeric Validations
To learn more about Data Piping in WSC, view our: Data Piping Reference Guide