Randomising the Order of Survey Pages

For users on our Market Research versions, survey pages can be randomised and travel together based on Block Codes.
Reference Guide
It is often a requirement of survey design to randomise the order in which survey pages are displayed to a respondent.

Page randomisation provides the most dramatic way of randomising survey content. You can change the order of consecutive pages in the survey randomly for each respondent using this capability.
  • 1. To set a page as a randomised page, click on the edit button at the top of the page in the survey designer.
    Randomise Survey Pages Edit Page
  • 2. Click on the Randomize this Page checkbox.
    Randomise Survey Pages
  • 3. Pages that are randomised can be seen in the Select Page dropdown menu.
    Randomise Survey Pages View Pages

Applying Block Codes to Randomised Pages

Groups of pages can also be randomised and travel together in "blocks". For example, you may have 6 survey pages but want them randomised in pairs of two. A randomisation Block Code can be assigned to each pair, allowing them to travel together when the survey pages are randomised.

Block Codes can be assigned to pages using the Block Code field when editing a survey page:

Randomises Survey Pages Block Code

Pages that are assigned to a block code can be seen in the Select Page dropdown.

Randomise Survey Pages View Pages 2