How do I Hide and Show Questions Using Page Flow?

You may want to hide or show a question based off a choice selected in another question on the same page.
Reference Guide
Page flow can be used to hide/show a chosen question based off an answer to another question on the same page. This type of flow method can be used with choice based questions.

Here is a basic example of how to use Page Flow to hide a text question if a specific choice is selected in a single choice question:
  1. Ensure that the question that you want to hide/show has a Question Access Code.
  2. In the survey designer navigate to Design --> Survey Flow and click the Create New Survey Flow icon. Create New Survey Flow
  3. Click on the Flow Method: Hide/Show Questions based on answers to questions on the same page option. Page Flow Method
  4. Choose the page containing the questions you want to use in your flow. Page Flow Questions
  5. Now choose the question that you want to hide using page flow. Page Flow Hide Question
  6. You will need to choose the question that will trigger the hide/show and also specifically which choice will cause the trigger. You can choose only one choice or multiple that will trigger the hide/show. In this example, we are only going to choose one choice that will cause the trigger - orange.
  7. Convert Unstarted Survey Responses
We can now see that the question that we wanted to hide is not displayed in the survey. Page Flow Hide Text
After selecting the choice orange, the page flow is triggered and the hidden question is now shown. Page Flow Show Text