How do Priority Quotas Work?

There are times when having one quota go over target is less of a problem than not getting enough of another quota.
Reference Guide
Quotas in Web Survey Creator work as follows:

As soon as all questions relating to quotas are completed, the system allocates every quota that a respondent meets to them.

For example, a respondent may have the following quotas attached to him:
Priority Quotas Example 1
Based on our example, we already have too many male 30-39 respondents:
Priority Quotas Example 2
Therefore this respondent would fail quota - even though we really need people from Perth - because letting them through would mean we end up with too many 30-39 year old men.
Priority Quotas Example 3
If we wanted to make sure we let someone from Perth through, we could set our Perth quota as a “priority” quota. This tells the system to allow anyone from Perth through as a respondent, even if their other quotas are full. As soon as Perth is full, the priority quota will no longer be in effect.

Priority quotas make it very easy to focus on your hard-to-get people. They need to be used cautiously, however, as they will lead to other quotas being over-subscribed.

Setting a quota to priority will allow the respondent to still undertake a survey and avoid quota out survey flow, meaning they will skip over a terminate page. The following steps can be used to set a standard quota to a priority quota:
  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Survey Quotas.
  • 2. While in the Survey Quotas browse, click on the Quota Title for the quota you want to prioritise.
    Priority Quotas Click Quota Title
  • 3. Click on the Edit Survey Quota Title & Quota Limits icon.
    Priority Quotas Edit Quota
  • 4. Click on the Quota Priority dropdown and select Survey Flows where "Respondent meets criteria without exceeding Quotas" will Prioritize this Quota.
    Priority Quotas Set Priority