Using Ranking Questions in Web Surveys

If you need to rank items in a Web Survey, it is important to have a question that is easily understandable, and quick to complete.

Ranking with one click... or touch

Our ranking question allows respondents to simply choose an item to rank next by clicking on it. Better still - the ranking question works perfectly on a tablet or mobile phone as well.

I don't want to rank this!

So you don't want a person to skip your ranking question without answering, but you also don't want to force them to rank things? No problem - set up choices like "I prefer not to answer".

Image-based Choices
Web Survey Creator's ranking question provides everything you need to allow people to rank items, including controls to easily move the items around even once they have been ranked.
Ranking in Market Research Surveys
Market research raises a couple of specific challenges when it comes to ranking. The first one is getting valid responses from the largest group of respondents possible. This challenge is met by the ease of our ranking question, together with the fact it works well even on mobile devices. The other feature of the ranking question specifically designed for market researchers is the ability to have "do not answer" options for the question - thus making an answer mandatory, but not the ranking itself.