Using Question Data Piping in Response Summary Reports

Learn how to use Data Piping Codes in Response Summary Templates.
Reference Guide
WSC now supports the ability to Data Pipe individual question responses into Response Summary Templates, allowing for additional control over what response data gets merged when the report is produced.

The following guide will demonstrate the use of Data Piping in a Response Summary Template:
  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Analysis --> Reports & Exports. Use the Create Report icon to create a new survey report.
    Custom Summary Template Create Report
  • 2. Select the Response Summary in the Report Type section.
    Custom Summary Template Report Type
  • 3. In the Summary Response Details section, click on the Summary Template dropdown box. Select the Standard Report Summary Template and then click the Download Template button.
    Custom Summary Template Download
  • 4. The system summary template will be downloaded as a Microsoft Word docx file.
    Custom Summary Template Document
  • 5. For Data Piping to work, ensure your survey questions have a valid Question Access Code. It is important to note that not all survey question types support Data Piping functionality. This tutorial will be using a Single Line Text question with the access code MYTEXTQUESTION.
    Response Summary Data Piping Code
  • 6. Add the individual Data Piping codes for your chosen survey questions to the Response Summary template and save the document. The template document can then be uploaded back into the platform by using the Upload Template button.
    Custom Summary Template Upload
    Custom Summary Template Upload
  • 7. Input into the available text field any Data Piping Codes that will be referenced in the Template, (excluding [@SUMMARY@]). These will be checked and merged when the summary report is produced.
    Response Summary Data Piping Code List
  • 8. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Submit button to save your changes. The report with the applied template can then be downloaded from the Reports & Exports browse when it has finished generating. Response data will replace the associated Question Access Code in the finished report:
    Response Summary Data Piping Response
    Response Summary Data Piping Merged