How do I Attach Tag Data to Question Rows and Choices?

"Metadata" can be attached as tags to choice and row items for use throughout a Web survey.
Reference Guide

How do I attach the tags to question choices and rows?

  • 1. Navigate to Design --> Content in your survey and use the Edit button to edit a survey question.
  • 2. Scroll down to the Selection Choices or Question Rows sections. If your question has choices or rows, select a choice or row and click on the Edit Choice/Row button.
    Edit Choice/Row
  • 3. Use the available input field to attach tags to the choice/row and then save your changes. Choice Tags must consist of a Code separated by a Colon. For example, CITY:New York. A single choice or row can have multiple tags attached.
    Add Choice/Row Tags
  • 4. Tags can also be attached when updating multiple choices and rows at the same time using the following format:
    Add Choice/Row Tags Bulk