Automatically Send Emails on Survey Submission with the Event API

Learn how to utilize the Send Email event for survey submissions.
Reference Guide
The Web Survey Creator Event API offers a variety of unique functionalities. The Send Email Event type will automatically send an email to a specified email address(s) whenever a survey response is submitted.

Standard email configuration options for the event include:
  • Sender Email Name
  • Sender Email Address
  • Email "To" Address(s)
  • Email Subject
  • Email Message

How do I Create a Send Email Event?

1. From the survey designer, navigate to Distribution --> Event API and click on the Create Event icon from the toolbar.
Send Email Create Event
2. Click on the Send Email event option.
Send Email Event
3. Choose when you want the event to be triggered from the "Use Event When:" dropdown. Enter the email configuration credentials into the appropriate fields. Data Piping can also be used to further customise the event. For example, a question result can be piped into the "Email Message" field, or an email address entered by a respondent using the the standard Data Piping format - [@EXAMPLE@].
Send Email Event Configuration
A summary of the event can be found in the Event API browse after it has been created. Existing events can also be edited or deleted from this browse.
Send Email Event Summary