What Happens when a Respondent Declines a Survey?

Learn about declined survey invitations and blocking emails from Web Survey Creator.
Reference Guide

The Survey Decline Link

Emails sent from the WSC platform must include a Decline Survey Link in the email body. This link provides respondents the ability DECLINE just the survey, or BLOCK themself from recieving any further emails:
Decline Survey Link

What Happens if the Respondent Declines the Survey?

If a respondent clicks on the DECLINE option, the respondent will decline from just that survey, this is then reflected in the application when navigating to My Surveys --> Declined Responses:
Decline Survey Option
The survey designer has the option to UNDECLINE a respondent by navigating to the Distribution --> Respondents browse. Select a respondent then click on the Undecline button:
Decline and Undecline Survey

What Happens if the Respondent Chooses to Block Emails?

If a respondent clicks on the BLOCK option, you can't/won't be allowed to send surveys to that respondent again AND you cannot affect the block at all.

The person who has blocked themself however does have the ability to UNBLOCK themself. A respondent can use the following link to UNBLOCK themself on the WSC website: Unblock/block emails
Unblock Emails