Survey Flows based on Distribution

Hide pages or jump from one page to another based on a survey distribution type.
Reference Guide
You can now use a Survey Distribution as a condition on a Survey Flow. This will allow you to hide or skip survey pages based on the respondent being part of a specific Survey Distribution.

Here is a basic example of how to hide a survey page if the survey is using a known respondent distribution:
  • 1. In the survey designer navigate to Design --> Survey Flow and click the Create New Survey Flow icon. Create New Survey Flow
  • 2. Click on the "Hide specific pages based on conditions" flow type and select the pages you want to hide.
    Survey Flow Based On Distribution Create Flow
  • 3. After your flow is created, click the Add Condition button then select the Survey Distribution option for the flow condition.
    Survey Flow Based On Distribution Add Condition
  • 4. A list of your survey distributions will be available to use as conditions for the flow, choose an appropriate survey distribution to test.
    Distribution Flow