Survey Flows based on Respondent Tags

Hide or show survey pages based on a respondent tag.
Reference Guide
Creating survey flows based on tags is particularly useful for targeting and controlling specific groups of respondants.

How do I add Tags to Respondents?

Respondent tags can be added and edited in a few different ways:

1. From the survey designer, navigate to Distribution --> Respondents. Click on the plus symbol to create a new respondent and add tags to the Tag List field.

Respondent Tag Flow Create Respondent
2. Edit or add tags to an existing respondent by clicking on the respondent name and then clicking on the Edit Respondent icon.

Respondent Tag Flow Edit Respondent
Respondent Tag Flow Edit Respondent
3. When importing respondents with a spreadsheet, tags can be added through additional columns. The column heading represents the tag name, then add the tag values to each respondent row.

Respondent Tag Flow Import Respondent

Creating Survey Flows Based on Tags

The following steps can be used to create a flow based on a respondent tag:
  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Survey Flow.
  • 2. Click on the Create New Survey Flow icon Create New Survey Flow
  • 3. Choose a flow method and the pages you want to target.
    Respondent Tag Flow Method
  • 4. Add a new condition to the flow, select the Respondent's Tag option from the Compare dropdown.
    Respondent Tag Flow Add Condition
  • 5. After selecting a condition, enter the name of the tag that will trigger the flow.
    Respondent Tag Flow Tag Name