How do I send Reminder Emails to Respondents?

Learn how to send survey reminder emails to specific respondents for a respondent based distribution.
Reference Guide
Survey invitation emails can easily be sent out to respondents using our Email Outbox feature. You may however have a substantial amount of respondents who did not start the survey, or respondents who have started but did not complete their response.

Survey email reminders can be sent out to specific groups of respondents:
  • 1. From the survey designer, navigate to Distribution --> Email Outbox. Click on the Add New Email icon Add New Email
  • 2. While in the Send Email browse, click on the dropdown labelled "Type:" in the Email Details section and select the Reminder #1 option.
    Survey Reminder Email Type
  • 3. Select the first dropdown under the To: label in the Email Details section. A list of options will be available to choose, these options define which respondents will recieve emails. Select the Respondents who have not started a response or who have started but not completed a response option.
    Survey Reminder Email To
  • If needed, emails can also be limited to respondents with specific tags, distributions, or to exclude respondents who have already been sent a reminder email a certain amount of times.
    Survey Reminder Email Tags Distribution