WSC Sample: Standard Survey Questions

This sample survey goes through all the key question types that are available on the standard versions of Web Survey Creator.
Begin a new response for sample survey.
Welcome to the Standard Survey Question Sample. This sample demonstrates all the key question types available in our non Market Research versions of Web Survey Creator. This is a perfect way to understand the key features of the product.
So how did we create this sample?
A great looking sample is all well and good, but you want to create your own surveys right? No problem! We give a brief outline of how we actually created key elements of the sample below.

About this Sample

This sample is a great demonstration of how easy it is to create a Web Survey in Web Survey Creator. It uses a number of common techniques to give us the survey we were after. In addition to all the question types we used, we added flow control to manage which questions a particular respondent would see.
The steps below are some of the highlights of the survey creation process. They are not designed to be an all-inclusive step-by-step guide - just a "taste" of how to use Web Survey Creator. If you want more in-depth details for the survey creation process, visit the Video Tutorial site below.
1. We created this survey from scratch by clicking the Create Survey button on the My Surveys tab.
2. Pages were added to the survey using the multiple page insertion menu on the toolbar under Content on the Design tab.
3. Content was added throughout the survey by clicking the Add Content Here button from within the Survey Designer.
4. The content added was chosen from the extensive list of Content Types available in the Add Content window.
5. We wanted the survey to look professional of course. This is an easy matter - we simply chose one of the professionally designed themes that are available.
6. The themes look great, but we wanted to add our own bit of customization to it - our Web Survey Creator logo. Piece of cake - we pressed the Upload a new image button and uploaded our logo straight from our machine.
7. Survey flows were set up so that only the question types you want to see are shown in the survey. The Survey Flow Condition builder makes the setting up of flows child's play.
8. When we thought we were finished, we wanted to check out our work. The Quick Preview menu brings the survey up in our browser just like our respondents will see.
9. So how did we create the survey link that is available at the top of the page? We did nothing - every survey is built with a standard distribution with the survey link ready to go for anonymous responses. We just pressed the Copy Link to Clipboard button and pasted it where we needed it.