WSC Sample: Mobile Survey Features

This sample survey explains the features WSC provides to support the highest quality mobile survey experience in the industry.

Every survey created by Web Survey Creator is viewable and fully functional on a mobile device, so in that respect, there is nothing special about this sample. We have created this sample to make you more aware what we are doing behind the scenes to make the mobile experience so good. This survey works equally well on a desktop, tablet or mobile so feel free to use the device of your choice! That's actually the whole idea of course...
Why is WSC so good at working with mobiles?
Fortunately, when we started developing this product, Mobile phones had already begun to show promise as mobile devices. The iPhone ushered in the concept of the "whole" Web on a phone. Our product has been written from the ground up - not tacked onto an older product that was designed before mobile became the important survey distribution channel it is today.
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About this Sample

This survey shows some of the ways Web Survey Creator deals with mobiles when it displays Web Surveys. Everything behind the scenes works exactly the same on mobiles, tablets or desktop PCs - flow control, choice linking, data piping and even custom scripting work on all devices equally. The big difference between mobiles and desktops is screen real estate and data input methods. Let's take a look at how we deal with some of these more visible features in our mobile sample:

Advanced Flow Control

WSC's powerful flow control system has access to all sorts of data within it's rule builder, including whether or not the respondent is completing the survey on a desktop, tablet or smart phone.
This means we can have three different introductions in our survey - each acknowledging the type of device the respondent is on, and providing any pertinent information for that type of device.

Automatic Image Sizing and Layout

The introduction is the only page that has been created for three individual devices - more as a demonstration rather than out of any necessity. Web Survey Creator will automatically change all aspects to a page layout for mobiles without any work at all, so other pages in the survey simply render in the form needed.

An example of this is the second page in the survey that asks what features you would like to see. The image to the left of the introductory text is automatically resized and placed above the text when the content is shown on the mobile.

Automatic Layout Formatting

Another example of layout formatting that is changed as needed is demonstrated by the demographic page in the survey. The desktop version has a "form like" layout, while the mobile version goes down the page.

Everything Just Works

ALL survey functionality is supported on mobiles. Here we see the entry of an "Other Specify" option using the mobile's internal keyboard.

Matrix on a Mobile? No Problem

Matrix questions are an example of a question type that is simply too large for a mobile screen. Web Survey Creator handles it easily by showing each of the matrix rows as their own choice question. This means the questions are easy to read, and the responses are easy to enter.

Video on a Mobile? Also not a Problem

Video questions are another example of a content type that can be very rich, even on a mobile. A mobile version of the video is shown full-screen on the mobile device.

Component Sliders... Sexy, even on your Mobile!

When was the last time you saw a question this "sexy" rendered automatically on your phone or tablet? Part of our "flashy without flash" collection of questions.

Drag 'n' Drop

Our card sort question supports drag 'n' drop, even on a mobile or tablet. This is another question in our "flashy without flash" collection.