Web Portals and Reports in WSC

Reporting is a very important aspect of any survey process. Web Survey Creator provides advanced reporting capabilities to allow you to get the results you need for your surveys, and present them in compelling ways.

Web Survey Creator provides a number of different delivery mechanisms, all designed to suit different people involved in the survey process. We have an internal Survey Statistics Overview for the survey designer to keep track of how the survey is going, customizable Web Portals for external people to view statistics, and various reports available in Word, Excel and PDF formats for people who want to view results offline.

About this Sample

You can see the power of the charts and reports in this sample by opening the portal from the link above. What we want to do here is take a look "behind the scenes" to see how the survey project for this sample is set up.:

Statistics Overview

A user of Web Survey Creator can get a quick view of statistics without any effort from directly within the software. The Statistic Overview can be accessed under the Analysis tab.
This means we can have three different introductions in our survey - each acknowledging the type of device the respondent is on, and providing any pertinent information for that type of device.

Overview Page Navigation
The first page of the overview shows general statistics for the survey - like response counts. All subsequent pages mirror the content of the pages in the survey itself, ensuring that the structure shown is very familiar. The Pages button on the toolbar gives you quick access to the page you wish to view.

Export of Chart Data
All the charts visible in the overview can be easily exported in various formats. They can be downloaded by simply clicking the download button from the top of the chart. You can also print straight to a printer.

Intelligent Chart Refreshing
Charts are generated in the background, ready for you to view whenever you need to. This caching of chart data makes the overview very responsive, even when looking at complex data. The chart data is automatically updated at regular intervals, so the data is never very old. There may be times of course when you want the absolute latest numbers. No Problem! Just click on the refresh button at the bottom of the chart.

Chart Customization
An Edit Details link appears at the bottom of each chart to allow you to customize the chart. Any customizations you make will be visible in the overview and any external Web portals you create.

External Web Portals

External Web Portals allow you to provide survey statistics to external people. They don't need to have an account with Web Survey Creator. When they click on the portal link, they will be shown a portal based upon the settings you choose.
Some of the key settings that may be changed for a Web Portal are shown below.

Choosing Portal Content
It is possible to choose what content to include in a portal. A simple portal might be a single page - for example, just showing current response rates. You can create as many portals as you like, so you can have different content for different end users by creating a different portal for each of them.

Managing Portal Access
Each individual Web portal may be opened and closed as needed. For example, you could have a portal open for a particular period of time, after which a "portal closed" message would be shown whenever they click on the link.

Customization of all Content
Each area that is shown in the portal has various customizations, including introduction text, and choice of content to show. For example, if we choose to show survey questions in the portal, we have the ability to say which survey questions are going to be shown.

Powerful Reports

Reports are available directly from the External Web Portal - making it easy to give people access to the latest data rather than sending them reports that are out of date as soon as they are printed. The reports are accessible from the Reports tab within a Web Portal.
These reports have been created using the powerful reporting system within Web Survey Creator. They are visible because we chose to show them as part of the content within the Web Portal settings for this portal.
Let's have a brief look at how we created these reports in the software.

Choice of Report Types
All reports available within Web Survey Creator are available in industry-standard formats. You can get raw responses and summary statistics in Excel, a statistics report in Word, or export to statistical packages such as SPSS and SurveyCraft.

Straightforward Report Settings
Choose exactly what you want for each report in a straightforward series of settings.

Background Report Generation
Reports generate in the background, and as soon as they are ready, each format available for download is shown together with the time and date the report was last run. Clicking on a format will allow you to download the report. Clicking on the refresh button will regenerate the report with the latest data.
Clicking on the refresh button will regenerate the report with the latest data.