How to create a Survey to Survey Event API Waiting Room

You can link 2 surveys together with an Event API. You can now place respondents in a waiting room between surveys.
Reference Guide
We've long had a feature to allow you to link two surveys together using an Event API - Survey to Survey Event.

This would allow you to progress respondents from one survey into another, optionally duplicating some of their responses from the first survey into the second.

In all cases this previously required you to invite the participants from the first survey to the second. You can now automate the process and have them placed in a waiting room, whilst the backend processes are completed to duplicate their data and setup their new response.
This guide will demonstrate the steps to have a waiting room for surveys using the Event API Survey to Survey process.
  • 1. You should setup your surveys exactly as you normally would now, using the Event API processes in the same way.
    See more about Event API Survey to Survey Events

  • 2. Edit the Distribution of the SOURCE Survey and ensure that you use a "Thank You" Message
    You must choose both a "Thank You" Message and also choose "Waiting Room" and enter appropriate messages
    Survey to Survey Waiting Room
  • 3. The waiting room will now be displayed upon completion of the source survey and your respondents will wait until their target survey is ready and will then be progressed to it.
Survey to Survey Waiting Room