Customising Survey Web Page Meta Tags

Learn how to customise Web Page Meta Tags for your survey.
Reference Guide
Meta Tags are embedded into survey web pages and are used to provide search engines and web browsers with information needed to properly render and rank your survey web page.

You can specify your Survey Web Page Title, Description and other meta tags.

The Survey Web Page Title will appear as the browser caption when the web page is displayed. You can use the {SurveyTitle} symbol to customise the Web Page Title Text displayed. Items will also be applied to "Open Graph" tags that are used by social media tools to render links.

Use the following steps to edit your survey Web Page Meta Tags:
  • 1. Navigate to Design --> Content in your survey.
  • 2. Select the Header, Footer & Navigation Settings icon in the toolbar.
    Meta Tags Edit Settings
  • 3. While in this browse, scroll down to the section labelled Survey Web Page Meta Tags.
  • 4. Enter your desired meta tag information into the appropriate fields.
    Meta Tags Information
A custom web page image and icon can be used by uploading logo images to the platform. Navigate to the My Surveys --> Images browse to upload a logo image:
Meta Tags Upload Logo

Uploaded logo images will then be available from the Web Page Image dropdown:
Meta Tags Select Logo
For favicon images, a dimension size of 16x16 or 32x32 pixels is recommended.

Custom meta data can be seen when sharing a survey link and on web browser tabs:
Meta Tags Link
Meta Tags Browser Data