Text/Choice Recode Generation

Recode text-based phrases to comparable question choices.
Reference Guide
Collecting text-based responses from respondents is a very common task during research surveys and allows for a wider array of potential data from respondents. There may be situations however when you can predict particular phrases that respondents are likely input for the question.

For users on our Market Research Versions, the Text/Choice Recoding feature can identify specific phrases or spelling entered by the respondent and then automatically select a choice in a separate question if a matching phrase is found.

For example, a respondent may want to input the restaurant 'McDonald's' into a text field, but they might actually type 'mcdonaldss' without any capital letters and include slight spelling errors. Text/Choice Recoding can be configured to identify the phrase 'mcdonaldss' and automatically select a choice with the value 'Mcdonald's' in a separate question.

Here is a basic step by step example of Text/Choice Recode Generation:
  • 1. From the survey designer, add a Single Line Text question to your survey.
    Text-Choice Recode Text Question
  • 2. On the following survey page add a Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection question to the page.
    Text-Choice Recode Choice Question
  • 3. From the survey designer, navigate to Design --> Text/Choice Recoding. Click on the Generate New Text/Choice Recode icon Multiple File Upload.
  • 4. Select a text question that will be the source of the recode, enter the phrases you want to be compared. Choices will be displayed for applying recoding phrases, each choice can have multiple phrases to compare.
    Text-Choice Recode Generation
  • 5. After the Recoding has been configured, choices will be automatically selected based on the entered phrase.
    Text-Choice Recode Example