How do I add a Drop Down List to a Text Grid

You can limit and control what respondents can enter in a Text Grid by using Drop Down Lists
Drop Down Grid
On Paid Versions you can use a Text Grid to control the presentation of each of the "Choices" to limit the respondent to a series of pre-defined selections.

You do this by setting the Text Grid Choice Tags to configure Drop Down Lists.
  1. Find your Text Grid question and Edit it or create a new Text Grid question
  2. For each choice that you want to have a pre-defined list add a DROPDOWNLIST TAG to define the list
  3. Enter the TAG as follows: DROPDOWNVALUES:<Text Hint>@@Text Option 1@@Text Option 2@@Text Option 3
  4. All options must be separated by @@
  5. Setting an option with <Text Hint> as the first option will allow you to have a "Hint" item that cannot be selected and is treated as "blank". The text between the < and > can be changed to reflect the appropriate hint.
  6. If no hint is established then a "blank" item will appear as the first item
  7. You can control the Width of the COLUMN by using an additional tag COLWIDTH
  8. Enter the TAG as follows: COLWIDTH:60px where 60px is the width in pixels for the column
In the example image, shown above, the following choices were entered to achieve the result shown. Each choice can also be edited individually using the Edit Choice button to edit tags and other options.
Movie Name|1
Genre|2|DROPDOWNVALUES:@@Comedy@@Romantic@@Rom-Com@@Drama@@Sci Fi@@Thriller@@Horror@@