Creating Text Grid Dropdowns with Other Specify Fields

Learn how to hide or show an Other Specify text field based on a selected Text Grid option.
Text Grid Dropdown Other Specify Animated
Page flow and scripting can be used to hide or show an Other Specify text field when a respondent selects a specific dropdown option in a Text Grid question.

When following this tutorial, ensure that all your questions have ACCESS CODES. Use the following steps to get started:
  • 1. Add a Single Range Text Grid question to your survey. By default, this question type does not display a dropdown list in the row cells. To add dropdown options to Text Grid cells, edit a text grid choice and use the following format in the Choice Tags section:
    Text Grid Dropdown Other Specify Edit Choice
  • 2. Add a Single Line Text Question for each Other option in the Text Grid dropdowns.
    Text Grid Dropdown Other Specify Other Text
  • 3. Add a new Javascript script to the survey page, one for each text question. Ensure the script is set to the "Execute Javascript for a Question Specific Event" scripting event. Select the text question you want to target from the Select a Question dropdown. Ensure you are using the "Execute Javascript to determine whether a Text/Number Page Flow should show a Question" Javascript event. When using the script below, adjust the question CHOICE and ROW values to target a specific cell in the Text Grid.
    Text Grid Dropdown Other Specify Javascript
  • 4. We can now setup the Page Flow. In your survey navigate to Design --> Survey Flow and click on the Create New Survey Flow icon. Under the Type of Flow heading, select the "Hide/Show Questions based on answers to questions on the same page" option. Select the survey page, the text question to be shown/hidden and the text grid question to trigger the event. Select the row and text grid choice - ensure that you are targeting the correct row and choice in your Javascript in step 3
    Text Grid Dropdown Other Specify Page Flow