Changing your Product Version in WebSurveyCreator

How can I change the Product Version I am on and how does that work?

What happens to my Surveys when I downgrade?

How long will it take for my upgrade to take place?
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Upgrading or Downgrading

Web Survey Creator makes it easy to change plans at any time. You might need a feature that's only available in a higher version or your might want to get more response credits per month. Easy. Go to My Account and choose Upgrade/Downgrade Account

You can then pick the new account level or even change the Frequency of your plan.

You'll be asked to confirm your details, your billing and invoice details and your credit card information.

You're then on your way!

Some Rules

All Upgrades take place immediately. You get to use your new plan, its features and any credit token uplift, as soon as you confirm your changes

All Downgrades take place at the end of the billing period. This means you get to use all your current account features right up till the end of your account period.

If you downgrade and you had a survey that used features that are now only available in a higher version, you cannot access that survey and it will be Closed and Archived. If you need to get access to that survey, you'll need to upgrade to a version that has those features.

If you downgrade to the FREE account and you had spare/excess Response Tokens they will be removed and you'll have a maximum of the basic available tokens allowed on a Free account.